I Found My WHY!!

On the urging of #MyCoachTajuana (#thelinkedinprofessor) I attended an event this weekend in Miami called the Black Woman Millionaire Tour #BWMTOUR . I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Venus Opal Reese talk about how she took the pain of her past and turned it into huge profits. I went to this event not to discover any hidden past that I was subconsciously suppressing but to get clarity on this journey I find myself on. And I found my WHY!! I realized the reason I am so passionate about improving the way healthcare providers communicate is because I have been all sides of the triangle- provider, patient and care giver and in all instances I found communication lacking.

As a healthcare provider I was always and still am proud to say I am a Radiographer. I received my diploma from the College of Radiographers in the United Kingdom in the 1985 and I have worked alongside some of the greatest physicians, Nurses and other health care providers to deliver great healthcare to those who needed it. Not long after starting to practice I became very ill and spent some time hospitalized and I found myself on the receiving end of some of the tests that I had delivered. It was then that I realized being sick and subjected to testing and prodding is an embarrassing situation to be in. Consider this as you transport your patient via wheelchair or stretcher – does it feel like an out of control roller coaster as you navigate the corridors of the hospital. As you quickly explain to them the possible side effects of the medication you are about to give them are they hearing you or even understanding what you are saying or are they trying to figure out how they will pay their mortgage this month after this hospital stay. You give them their discharge plans but is it written so that they can understand it. As The Senior Care Specialist for one of the largest health care systems in the US, one part of my role was to be a conduit for communication with our post-acute care partners and I found that it was the simple things that improved the care that our patients got and in turn improved the outcomes; but at the same time it was the simple things that were often forgotten and overlooked.

In that My WHY was birthed. I do not want any patient or care giver to leave a healthcare meeting feeling uneducated or unheard. I want every healthcare provider to know why they are in healthcare I want healthcare providers to listen with the intent of hearing and provide care with the intent of healing—Not only the body but the spirit. I want everyone involved in the delivery and receiving of care to feel empowered!

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