Happy New Year!! Living with a spirit of Faith and Gratitude

Happy New Year!! So, with the holidays over and the decoration are about to be taken down it is now time to really get to work on this next chapter of my life. 2018 is already starting out amazing.

I don’t do resolutions, but I like to self-reflect and as we enter a new year I look at the last 3 months of 2017 and I know that God’s got me I am so grateful for what He has done. Where I stand currently professionally is exciting and it makes my heart race a little because being an independent professional in business for myself satisfies one of my major life goals.

The song ‘You made a way’ by Travis Greene is currently part of my daily playlist I listen to it throughout the day as I exercise and as I work. I particularly like this part of the song.

Standing here not knowing how we will get through this test

But holding on to faith You know that

Nothing can catch You by surprise

You got this figured out and You’re watching us now

But when it looks as if we can’t win

You wrap us in Your arms and step in

Everything we need You supply

You’ve got this in control and now we know that

You made a way

When our backs were against the wall

And it looked as if it was over

You made a way

And we’re standing here

Only because You made a way!!

So, as I continue this journey I call my life I remember that God made a way, when my back was against the wall, and it looked as if it was over God made a way. The Song goes on to say:

Don't know how but You did it

Don't know why but I'm grateful

And that is how I am living my life as I enter 2018 with a spirit of FAITH and GRATITUDE

I urge my followers to look at where God has bought your from and live a life of gratitude for what He is doing in your life.

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