Living My Purpose

On Wednesday October 18th 2017 my life changed.....for the better.

I became a 'victim' of an RIF (reduction in force or layoff). I had been praying for the months preceding that day for the opportunity to do more than just exceed the financial expectations of the organization I worked for. I longed for more time to pursue my passions and make my day dream become a reality. Helping people with personal communication and how they feel about themselves has always come easy to me and I have always loved just helping others see the silver lining in the clouds that sometimes block out the sun in our lives. I always get a great sense of gratitude when I walk away from a conversation or meeting where the other people in the room say It was so refreshing to talk with you. The urge to go into business for myself had been pricking at my spirit for about a year and I had even gone so far as to register my company 3 month before being 'let go'.

So here I am nearly 2 months after that 'fateful' day I have had a busy 7 weeks pursuing my dreams. Is it going to be an easy road....maybe not but one thing I have learned

God has a purpose for everyone. We are all called to do a service for Him and through Him. Live your purpose!!

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