Empowering oneself is the first step in achieving success, Ask yourself these 3 simple questions

1. What is the first message you say to yourself when you wake every morning? - This message sets the tone for the rest of the day make sure it’s a positive one. Consider spending the first part of your day in prayer or self-reflection. Take that quiet time in the morning to say a prayer of gratitude and reinforce to yourself the positive journey you are on.

2. How would you like others to describe you? What makes you different, stand out? what is your personal brand? Don’t confuse this with how you think others see you. I ask this question- what would I like my eulogy to say if it were written today. Start working on making this a reality. You have the power!!

3. What must happen in a year from now for you to feel fulfilled, successful and recognized? THE ANSWER IS WITHIN YOU

Answering these 3 questions will start you on a path to self-improvement.


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