Marcia Carter

Communication Development Consulatant

Marcia Carter

As a Certified Coach DISC Behavior Analyst (CDBA) I specialize in improving interpersonal communication.  My strong organizational and communication skills, knowledge of behaviors and people, and unparalleled ability to connect and persuade have allowed me to successfully serve my clients.  My work with organizations focuses on the improvement of relational communications which leads to staff with better interpersonal skills, higher staff retention rates, increase productivity and higher customer satisfaction scores.

I am a Vulnerability Audit Team Lead who evaluates the opinions and thoughts of workforces. These Audits provided the platform necessary to effectively gauge susceptibility to outside organizations and/or unionization allowing management time to create strategies and make essential changes. I work with union avoidance teams to educate employees to see past the union propaganda, enabling them to make educated decisions at the ballot box. 

As a Consultant, I know how to connect with individuals and develop trust.  I specialize in working with individuals on identifying, adjusting and modifying short and long personal goals and my background in healthcare, sales, organizational relationship building, and business development help me to connect with employees of all ages and diversity. My solid leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills allow me to deliver the desired message and develop solutions by overseeing all aspects of labor conflicts, disputes, and resolutions between employees and management.

I  look forward to working with organizations and individuals, providing them with the tools they need to realize their full potential.